The Top 10 Methods For Taking Care Of Your Skin

Our lives are comprised of routines. Our daily patterns influence our days and our bodies, from the side of the bed we sleep on to our morning cup of tea or coffee. Even though the word “habit” is sometimes associated with negativity, we can develop routines that are good for our skin and our overall health. Here are ten natural skin care practices and methods to help you keep healthy, attractive skin, ranging from food and exercise to product selection.


1.] Cleanse Your Face

By washing your face, you can get rid of bacteria, oils, and debris that build up and enlarge your pores. Wash your face first thing in the morning to get rid of oil and dirt, and then once more in the evening to get rid of makeup and debris from the day. Also, you ought to wash your face after working out or perspiring. Use a natural face wash that is gentle, like our Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser. It foams naturally without the use of dangerous sulfates and is composed of 95% organic components.


2.] Obtain More Rest

The concept of “Beauty Sleep” is true. For our bodies to heal, renew, and regenerate, they require seven to nine hours of sound sleep each night. Every night, we get to visit the fountain of youth because as we sleep, our skin renews itself with new collagen. Proficient sleep hygiene necessitates a regular sleep schedule and a cold, dark atmosphere (65℃). Schedule thirty minutes for relaxation before going to bed. This is an excellent opportunity to wash your face and apply our Beauty Sleep set, which contains potent antioxidants that support skin restoration over night.


3.] Inhale Pure Air

Cigarette smoke, strong air pollution, and synthetic scents can all be bad for our skin, creating dangerous free radicals and irritating our skin. Use nontoxic items to aid in skin restoration if you are unable to avoid these. To partially repair the harm that pollution causes to your skin, use face wash that is natural, organic, and contains antioxidants.


4.] Make use of antioxidants

Our bodies and skin suffer damage due to free radicals. They are produced by pesticides, alcoholic beverages, and fried foods. But antioxidants are like inbuilt superpowers; they can counteract free radicals. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods like dark chocolate, walnuts, raspberries, blues, and strawberries is crucial. Using skincare products with antioxidants—like vitamin C, green tea, olive leaf, licorice root, and pomegranate—is equally vital. Vitamin C antioxidant Antioxidant Skin Boost is an excellent addition to serums and moisturizers.


5.] Polish Your Face

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) are a mild exfoliating agent that can be found in natural fruit acids. Without scraping, alpha hydroxy acids breakdown the skin’s natural “glue,” which keeps dead skin cells in place. Additionally, alpha hydroxy acids pull moisture to the skin by acting as humectants. For a mild exfoliation, our Fruit Acid Toner is excellent.


6.] Exercise Frequently

By increasing blood flow, exercise helps the skin absorb oxygen and remove free radicals. Additionally, exercise reduces stress and enhances the quality of sleep. After a sweaty workout, remember to cleanse your face.


7.] Apply A Hydrator

Whether your skin is oily, dry, mature, or prone to acne, using a moisturizer on a daily basis is essential for everyone. By keeping skin cells functioning at their peak and preventing dry, flaky skin, proper hydration helps avoid the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. We hydrate and nourish skin with our Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment, a moisturizer and serum combined. You can apply Intensive Eye Repair, which contains black cumin seed oil, to any facial creases and lines that require a little extra TLC.


8.] Sip Water

Water consumption nourishes the skin from the inside out. Dehydrated skin can appear lifeless, feel dry and irritated, and accentuate wrinkles. It can also brighten the shadowy areas around your nose and eyes. Coffee and alcohol cause skin dehydration. Getting enough water into your diet can help keep your skin hydrated and give it a healthy glow. Consuming fruits and vegetables, exercising, and getting enough sleep can all contribute to moisturized skin.


9.] Put on sunscreen.

Most skin aging is caused by the sun. Severe sun exposure can lead to major skin damage, dehydration, and the formation of dangerous free radicals. When you are exposed to the sun for extended periods of time, you should use sunscreen because it offers vital protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Along with wearing protective gear, you should avoid too much sun exposure.


10.] Examine ingredient lists.

Good products are made with good ingredients. The European Union (EU) has tougher rules and bans over 1,300 compounds related to skincare, whereas the United States has minimal laws and only prohibits a small number of ingredients. For this reason, Sally B uses ingredients in her products that comply with EU laws. When possible, we use Fair Trade and organic materials; we never use artificial or dangerous additives.Reading and comprehending ingredients is crucial, but it can be confusing. Here are some things you ought to never do: Propylene glycol, mineral oil, parabens, and artificial scent. A useful resource is the Environmental Working Group as well. We offer 17 EWG VerifiedTM items. To find out more about how to interpret an ingredient label, click this link.

You can get radiant, healthy skin, and we’re here to support you. Tamanu Luxury Facial Cleanser and Citrine Complete Botanical Treatment are two of our best-selling products. If you’re new to using natural products or haven’t tried Sally B’s Skin Yummies before, these are fantastic places to start. Alternatively, have a look at our sets, which include everything you need to start creating good skincare habits and take care of your face!











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